BVB’s Most Memorable UCL Moments

BVB’s Most Memorable UCL Moments

Borussia Dortmund have been a constant participant in the UEFA Champions League over the last few years, living up to its reputation of a German Powerhouse. Clubs from across Europe get to experience playing in front of ‘The Yellow Wall’ every season. There have been many moments in BVB’s history in the UCL which have become special memories. Let’s take a look at Dortmund’s finest UCL moments.

The comeback against Malaga (2012-13)

This season was one of BVB’s best in the last decade, where they made it to the final at Wembley. Dortmund drew against Malaga in the Quarterfinals. The first leg, which was an away leg for Dortmund, ended as a goalless draw. This meant that BVB had no away-goal advantage. To make matters worse, Malaga scored the first goal around the hour-hour mark in the second leg and attained an away-goal advantage. But, within 10 minutes, Dortmund equalized as Lewandowski finished a sublime counterattack.

Both sides tried to break the deadlock, but Malaga scored another goal at the 82-minute mark. Klopp’s men now had to score 2 goals if they were to qualify for the semi-finals. With very little time left on the clock, Reus scored a clinical header to make it 2-2. The pressure was still on BVB as Malaga had an away-goal advantage. Just a minute after Reus scored, Santana scored the winner which sent BVB to the semis. This is one of the best comeback stories of the UCL.

Stephane Chapuisat’s late winner against Bayern (1997-98)

BVB’s domestic run that season was disappointing as the men in yellow had finished 10th. Their opponents in the semis were Bayern, their hard-core rivals. The first leg was a goalless draw away from home. This meant that only a win would take them through to the final. Both teams hustled for goals for 90 minutes but failed to score any. Michael Zorc, the top-scorer for BVB was subbed in at the 105-minute mark. Just three minutes later, he found Stephane Chapuisat, who finally broke the deadlock. A victory against Bayern in the UCL semi-finals is a very memorable moment for all BVB fans.

UCL Final victory against Juventus (1996-97)

The greatest UCL moment in the club’s history is when they were crowned Champions of Europe in the 1996-97 season, after beating Juventus 3-1. Karl-Heinz Riedle’s quick brace in the first half of the game took some pressure off BVB. In the second half, Del Piero scored for the Italians, making the score-line 2-1. Juventus started putting pressure back on Dortmund. Lars Ricken was subbed on and scored a beautiful long-range goal, as soon as he stepped on the pitch.

The ball was smashed into the back of the net. Ricken’s goal will live on in the club’s history as it led to Dortmund’s first-ever UCL title. The fact that they won it against a Juventus side with Zinedine Zidane, Didier Deschamps and Alen Boksic is even more remarkable.